How does TradiesNet work?

1. Signup as a contractor or sub-contractor

2. Complete your profile about yourself and your trade/s

3. Contractors create jobs and can also search for jobs and sub-contractors. Sub-contractors search for jobs.

4. Contact the contractor about the job and start work!

"If you wiegh up the cost of membership to the phone calls you would have once made, and the time you would have once spent you'll see that tradiesNet makes a lot of dollars & sense."


Can I add info to my profile?

Yes, we recomend that you add as much detail as possible to your profile. Your profile can include:

  • Personal and contact details
  • Trades that you are qualified or interested in.
  • Trade certificates
  • Work experience (references, photos, details)

How much does TradiesNet cost?

Tradiesnet is very affordable with monthly and yearly (discounted) rates for contractors and sub-contractors.

Memberships are as follows:


  • Monthly - 3 months free then $4.50 per month
  • Yearly - 3 months free then $45 per year (after your 3 free months) Save $9


  • Monthly - 1 month free then $13.50 per month
  • Yearly - 1 month free then $147 per year (after your free month) Save $15